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【China Daily】China launches online database on camellia varieties

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  A camellia is seen in Hengyang county--nbsp;Central China's Hunan province- March 8- 2019. [Photo/IC-

  BEIJING -- China has opened an online database of international camellia varieties- providing data support for horticulture and agriculture.

  The Database of International Camellia Register was developed by the Kunming Institute of Botany under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was supported by the International Camellia Society and international experts.

  The database has more than 45-000 names and 33-000 pictures of camellia varieties including ornamental- tea and oil species. Users can search the name of camellia varieties in different languages including English- Chinese and Japanese.

  It is also an open working platform- which allows registered users to upload photos- and create online cloud photo albums related to camellia. An international team of experts will help identify the information to ensure the authority and integrity of user-generated content.

  As one of the world's most comprehensive databases on camellia- the online database will facilitate the utilization of camellia plants- according to the institute.

  Camellia is a genus of flowering plants that are found in eastern and southern Asia. It is often used as tea or an oil production plant.

  (China Daily 2019年5月26日)



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